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Arenal Volcano Hot Springs

Aguas termales como Tabacón, Baldí, Ecotermales y Los Laureles. Venga y disfrute de estas aguas termales, al mismo tiempo que se relaja contemplando el Volcán Arenal, con una hermosa vista panorámica.

Thermal waters

  • Tabacon Costa Rica
    3 Tabacon Costa Rica

    The most recognized Arenal Volcano Hot Springs worldwide, with a very natural environment surrounded by lots of nature.

  • Baldi Costa Rica
    2 Baldi Costa Rica

    The largest resort of Arenal Volcano, with over 30 pools and water tobaganes.

  • The Springs thermal waters
    3 The Springs thermal waters

    The most luxurious Hot Springs Resort, with a beautiful panoramic view of Arenal Volcano.

  • Termales Los Laureles
    1 Termales Los Laureles

    A popular hot springs place in the area, excellent value.

  • Ecotermales
    2 Ecotermales

    Hot Springs with a very quiet as we have a limited number of visitors per day. The pools are surrounded by lots of nature.

  • Titoku Hot Springs
    2 Titoku Hot Springs

    Complex with small pools and Jacuzzi Hot Springs, very private.

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